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The Journal of Higher Education in Africa

JHEA is a joint initiative between the Council for the Development of Social Science Research in Africa (CODESRIA) in Dakar, Senegal, and the Center for International Higher Education at The Journal of Higher Education in Africa (JHEA).

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Boston College , USA . JHEA provides a forum for debate, research analysis, and critique of the complex world of higher education. It offers an international forum focusing on Africa, and brings together policymakers, researchers, and the academic community around key issues shaping higher education in Africa.

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Our commitment is to serve a rapidly expanding and increasingly diverse higher education community in Africa and worldwide. We are more than a research journal--we seek to analyse policy and provide useful news and analysis to those responsible for decisions about higher education within and outside of the universities. Among our readers and contributors are government officials, international partners, the higher education research community, and indeed the entire academic community. JHEA strives for the highest intellectual standards to ensure that it covers the best available research and analysis in the field. The journal helps to stimulate new research and analysis and provides a central focus for a new "invisible college" of specialists in higher education. It goes beyond providing the most relevant research to the academic community, to reporting on news and developments, and reviews of significant literature and policy documents in higher education. Our goal is nothing short of being the key source for all information and analysis about African higher education.

We welcome submissions of research-based articles, collections of key conference and policy papers on central issues, and occasional commentary in English and French. Please direct all submissions, or inquiries about submissions, to:

In Africa :
Adebayo O. Olukoshi, Editor-in-chief
Journal of Higher Education in Africa
Council for the Development of Social
Science Research in Africa, CODESRIA
P. O. Box 3304 , Dakar
Tel: (221) 825 98 22/ 23
Fax: (221) 824 12 89
Outside Africa
Damtew Teferra, Editor-in-Chief
Journal of Higher Education in Africa
Boston College ,
Lynch School of Education
140 Commonwealth Avenue
Center for International Higher Education,
Campion Hall 240
Chestnut Hill , MA 02467, USA
Tel: (617) 552 4413
Fax: (617) 552 8422




Engaging Students in Active Learning: Case Studies in Geography, Environment and Related Disciplines

The engagement of students in active learning (i.e. learning by thinking, doing and reflecting) is a key feature of the geography, environment and related disciplines at the University of Gloucestershire. A 'swap shop' workshop on this topic was held in the School of Environment in January 2004. The intention of the workshop was to take stock of the wide range of forms of active learning which occur in courses and to provide an opportunity for staff to exchange and reflect on their experiences. So much excitement was engendered by the event that it was decided to put the case studies together as a book.




The book contains an introduction and twenty-seven examples of active learning which are used in the School of Environment and related schools at the University of Gloucestershire. A preface is co-written by Sir Ron Cooke, Chair of JISC, past Chair of HEFCE's Teaching and Learning Committee, and past President of the Royal Geographical Society with the Institute of British Geographers, in which he refers to active learning as 'the magic in the classroom'.

The key audience for this book is our colleagues in geography, environment and related disciplines such as community development, ecology, landscape architecture, planning and tourism. However, many of the case studies, particularly those concerned with key skills and improving students' performance at assessment, are transferable to other disciplines. They are especially useful for illustrating workshops on a range of topics featuring aspects of active learning. Sufficient detail has been included for the reader to see how the ideas have been applied in practice. Contact details of the innovators are given at the end of each case study so that further information may be sought. Book reviews

How to obtain your copy

Engaging Students in Active Learning is available electronically in pdf format (148pp, 1.45Mb) (visit the GDN webpage to download:

It is also available as a bound book for only £7 per copy, plus post and packaging. See the GDN Publications order form for information on how to obtain your copy.

The order form is in pdf format.

Book reviews

"I think it is really excellent and the 'swap shop' layout will make it very useable. I think this book should be given to all new lecturers in our disciplines."

Jenny Blumhof, Senior Advisor for Environmental Sciences, LTSN Geography, Earth and Environmental Sciences

"This collection will be a highly useful resource for new and experienced teachers in geography and related fields. I plan to use it with early career colleagues in the summer program of the Geography Faculty Development Alliance in the US. I like the range, conciseness, and comments on effectiveness as well as on difficulties that can arise."

Jan Monk, Professor of Geography, University of Arizona

"This is an illuminating compendium of ideas and experiments in active learning, which will be of broad and cross- disciplinary interest. It is admirably concise, accessible, practical and, above all, tremendously inspiring."

Dr Nick Morton, Lecturer in Built Environment, University of Central England

"This booklet is invaluable at a variety of levels. Centrally it makes explicit how staff in these disciplines can give substance to ensuring that students are 'active learners.' There is a wealth of brief practical suggestions for staff to adapt to their own practice. What it also demonstrates is a way of building support inside a department for sharing and embedding good practice through a sharing of effective practice: in this case about active learning; but you could adapt it to other practices you value - even didactic teaching!"

Alan Jenkins, Professor of Higher Education, Oxford Brookes University

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